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We have new equipment called Digital Fundus Camera. It is the best technology for our Doctor to see and evaluate the back of your eye called the retina.

Before this technology your doctor must dilate your eyes with drops to see the peripheral retina (the sides of the back of your eye). That’s the only way your doctor could check for medical problems seen in the eyes like Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Hypertension, Glaucoma, Tumors, Retinal Detachment, Retinal Tear, and a host of other ocular medical problems. The drops cause your eyes to be blurry up close for several hours and you become sensitive to bright light.

In most cases we could avoid all of that with our New Digital Imaging technology. We are so fortunate to have this at our office. We would take a picture of your eye and this new technology lets YOU and the DOCTOR see together on a computer monitor much more of the retina, than could be seen by dilation alone. If there was the slightest leaking blood vessel or problem the doctor could see it and begin a treatment plan that’s right for you even before you have symptoms. It is also a great way to record the baseline health of your entire retina, so if you develop any problems in the future it can be monitored and measured more accurately than ever before from one year to the next. The picture you take today stays permanently on your record and it can be retrieved for comparison on the following years.

We strongly recommend that everyone does this all IMPORTANT test for the safety and care of your eyes. Do not wait until you have symptoms it may be too late for a cure, Prevention is always better. Ask our doctor to perform this new and exciting test on your eyes today.

There are no side effects or inconvenience of blurry vision, no drops no pain. It’s quick and easy so do it today!

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